PROmote - The Study Guide for Army Promotions App Reviews

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Good, could be great

As a SSG in the Army I find this app useful on so many occasions. Im always looking for the opportunity to continue my Soldiers development and knowledge as a combat multiplier. This app allows me to, during "smoke breaks" do board training with them and push them to the max! I have a great reputation for training my soldiers to be the best and this study app has been a great weapon in my arsenal of tools!

Good stuff

Only app as of now to have updated content, highly recommend.

By far the best

This app is perfect for anyone not only going to the boards but also anyone just brushing up on things. Easy to navigate and the flashcard test is great. Tell your soldiers about this app!

Developer Response to “Test” Review

Ryno6884 is misinterpreting what the app is showing. The app is NOT asking you if the answer shown is correct or incorrect. It’s a flashcard test. The answer shown when you click the “Reveal Answer” button will always be correct. The correct and incorrect buttons are there for you to grade yourself. This is the only flashcard study app that actually allows you to grade yourself. Maybe that’s why it confuses some. This is how it works: 1. You see a question. 2. You answer the question as you would any other flashcard question. 3. You reveal the correct answer. 4. You indicate if you answered the question correctly by tapping either the correct or incorrect button. Ryno6884 mistakenly believes the app is asking if the revealed answer is correct or incorrect. That is not what it is asking. The correct and incorrect buttons are there so that you can record if you got the question right or wrong.


So, this app is great for studying, however if you want to test your knowledge, you really cant. All the questions to the test give the right answers when asked if correct or incorrect. I would suggest mixing up the answers to show both right and wrong.


If you are serious about career progression in the military GET THIS APP. HOAH!!!

First study buy

This is the first app Ive bought/used for studying and I really enjoy it. I would most definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to prepare for a board or just increase Army knowledge. I do enjoy the flash card quizzes aswell. I really hope though that SOON they either put in a section just for the M4A1 or add more M4A1 information into the M4section

Helped tremendously!

Needed a on the go study guide. Was impressed with all the information, as well as being able to download other sources (like your unit history and external study guides). Gone are the days of printing the whole study guide or buying ones when you can download everything you need straight from the source.

Great app

It helped me out when I went to the promotion board

I like it !

I like it, is just an awesome apps. It is updated and is a guarantee for those studying for the promotion and other kinds of military board studies.

Its perfect

I like the multiple subjects they have and its perfect for studying while on standby or on the go + you dont have to carry around that study sheet your team leader gives you cause its all on here.

Knowledgeable App for any type of board

This app gives you questions you wouldnt find on Army Study Guide for example all ADPs. It gives you options to take quiz or full tests. It posted scores from tests and quizzes. Lets you know what you havent studied, what is in progress, and what topics you completed(Done).

Team Leaders should have this

This is an outstanding app. I use it to practice for the P board and I also use this to test the knowledge of my Soldiers. Must have.

NCOs should have this

When I was a SPC I used this app frequently to prepare for the board. The information is kept current and the questions are fairly relevant. As a SGT now, I use the study files function to keep and store all the regs and TMs in a neat organized manner. A must have app for NCOs and future NCOs. Its more expensive than most study apps out there but about 100 times more useful. I strongly recommend this app to my battles and soldiers.

Excellent app!!

This app is an excellent resource very well-made and regularly updated with the latest changes in Army regulations.

Excellent APP!

If you are going to a promotion board, or simply want to increase your general Army knowledge than this is the app to get! Its great having a veritable wealth of knowledge on such a variety of topics at your fingertips. I find myself studying any time I have even a minute or two to spare. Its great, I highly recommend it!


I think its a good APP the only downfall is not everyone has a smart phone. especially overseas. I am here in Germany and my soldiers will not buy a smart phone just to buy this app. if there was a way that they could download it to the computer it would make it alot easier. and i do agree that army study guide is garbage. i mean nothing has been updated since? this atleast has updates.

Steps Above

You can add the FMs, ARs, ADRPs, even your own study guide- all you need to study opens in This App, along with the guide, tests and questions given this App is an excellent study tool.

Love it!!

I love the quizzes and reviews!! Really gets the wheels turning and into study mode. Great when u only have a few hours of study time during the week!

Works Great So Far

Pretty useful app although I think many of these questions will not be asked at the board. But still good knowledge just in case!

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