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Good, could be great

As a SSG in the Army I find this app useful on so many occasions. Im always looking for the opportunity to continue my Soldiers development and knowledge as a combat multiplier. This app allows me to, during "smoke breaks" do board training with them and push them to the max! I have a great reputation for training my soldiers to be the best and this study app has been a great weapon in my arsenal of tools!

High Speed

I have all of the apps for army study, this one is by far the best.

Good but erases progress with every update

Good study guide. Doesnt crash, but erases your completion status whenever they update the software to 0% which is annoying. And they update a lot.

Pretty good

Just got this. Looks really good. Coming up to go to promotion board so this will be very helpful. Gotta study!! :(

No help at all!

Dont waste your money on this app. It was so bad I went back to note cards.


It doesnt even have flash card format. I was worried that they didnt show any screenshots of the actual questions. Now I know. Id wish I had my time back had it been free. But as it stands, I really wish I had my $4 back.


This app is good when youre bored and just want to study. I wouldnt suggest using this app if you are planning on going to the board soon. It doesnt ask you the normal board questions in the test/quiz portion. It asks random questions that nobody would no or care to know because its not relevant. It is good in the study guide portion though and I would buy it again


Very useful

Army Recruiter

Awesome app very helpful and thorough!!!

Best app ever

Helped me pass the board, enough said

Very, very nice

The only app youll ever need to pass the board. I would like I highlight feature, but even without that simply fantastic!


Best app for all boards on knowledge


This app is Awesome. The answers have more details than other apps

Convenient and better than Flashcards

This study guide provides actual material to read. Its not like other apps that just spit out questions. You can read, understand, and learn the material so when these question come up you KNOW the answer, NOT MEMORIZE them.

Worked for me

I had two weeks to prepare for my board got word last min and I passed...enough said

Handy and accurate

This app is great for having a hip pocket study session whenever you get a few minutes. Its unrealistic to always have the big study guide or FMs on you at all times so the convenience and accuracy of info in this app is valuable for the repetition it takes to commit the NCO knowledge to long term memory.

Best Board Study App

Ive been using this app exhaustively over the past few weeks and it has proven to be the most in-depth, take-it-with-you study guide available. Its comparable to the Comprehensive Study Manual, but you can take it your pocket. 5 Stars

Would like to see flash cards added.

I think this is a great study tool. It has a great deal of information needed for prepping to go to the promotion board. I like that you are able to go in depth and read more detailed information on each subject but I feel when i want to get a quick 5-10 minute study session in I would like to utilize the flash card method. Not having the flash cards I feel is a major drawback for this app. I myself find it very convenient to use the flash card type studying method. I do not like how the questions are listed with the answers right there in sight. Overall though this app has more information than any other app I have used. I am still using army study guide online though since that offers a flash card study method. I myself if I could go back would not repurchase this app.

Fantastic App

Had the opportunity to go to the E-5 promo board, problem was that it was to be on the same day I was due from leave. I bought the app and studied from it to refresh myself and it worked out well

great app, seriously recomended

this app is gereat for studying, especially with the question randomizer, that actually makes you try to learn.

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